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Hotel history "BOŃCZA"

>> Historic place on the Płonia river

Bończa hotel's is located in the very center of the historical, right-bank part of Szczecin - Dąbie District, where the mill was located centuries ago, and the power plant from the second half of the 19th century

>> Nearly 700 years of history

In 1260, Dąbie received city rights from Prince Barnim I. In 1268, Prince Barnim I extended the rights of the Cistercian Order from Kołbacz to manage the city and water management, including the resulting mills on the Płonia River.

The first mill on the Płonia River was the mill named after the owner "Geerhald Muhlle", which was built in the first half of the 13th century. During the rule of the Swedes, the mill was called "Kronmuhle" (Crown Mill), this name survived until the end of the 19th century. In 1894, the mill and the whole area was demolished, and a municipal power plant was built in its place.

In 1928 the power plant was partially demolished and new power plant buildings were built here and three Francis turbines with a total capacity of 120kWh were installed. During the war, the power plant buildings were partially demolished and after a temporary repair, the power plant was commissioned.

>> Forgotten monument

In 1948, by decision of the then authorities, the turbines and elements of the water weir were dismantled, and the building was practically a vacant building serving as a warehouse for power plants.

In the following years, as a result of devastation, part of the building collapsed into the Płonia River, and in the following years the building was stripped of its roof, and the power plant area was treated as a landfill.

>> Times of new splendor

The ruins of the power plant scared their view until 1997, when the current owner, Zdzisław Łubkowski, having a vision of creating a cozy family hotel in this place, bought them from Szczecińskie Zakłady Energetyczne.

For over a year and a half, the remains of the ruins were demolished, leaving only the foundation and small parts of the outer walls, clearing debris and pollution of the Płonia riverbed, renewing the river walls and building a new building on the old foundations of the former power plant.

Construction works were carried out in the years 1999–2001. The hotel was officially opened on June 15, 2001. The interior design and furnishings were the owner's idea. In 2009, the second stage of the hotel expansion began, equipping the hotel with an additional attraction, which is ROSE ROOM WITH GLASS FLOOR with an area of ​​30m2, through which you can see the Płonia river flowing under the building.

>> Constant development

During the 12 years of its existence, the hotel has gained a significant position on the hotel market, obtaining 7 times the Highest Distinction of the well-known Pascal Publishing House - the publisher of the Hotels and Restaurants Guide in Poland. In 2004, the hotel received the Certificate of the Highest Quality of Services awarded by the Polish Quality Gala. The third stage of the hotel expansion is currently underway, with a new wing, which will house Medical-SPA, dental and medical rooms as well as the hotel part.

>> Benefits for the region

The revitalization of the former power plant area has significantly increased the aesthetic value and visual attractiveness of the center of the Szczecin-Dąbie District.